Compounding for Men's Health

man on beach exercising

For men who suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction, Village Compounding Pharmacy can offer effective treatments customized to the individual patient. Under sterile conditions, using aseptic techniques, we will formulate injectable therapy for those patients suffering from these specific physical effects.

Male hormone imbalance is an issue today because of the polluted environment and our diet which both contribute to the exposure of the human body to high levels of synthetic estrogens. Most men experience these symptoms at the age of 40. The levels of the male sex hormone, Testosterone, decreases with advancing age, and the ratio of Testosterone to Estrogen falls. Some symptoms of a Testosterone/Estrogen imbalance are enlarged prostate, urinary problems, low sex drive, impotence, depression, and weight gain.

Our pharmacist will work closely with your health care professional to help customize a prescription to decrease these symptoms and improve your health.