Compounding for Sports Medicine

child holding soccer ball

Any sport requiring repetitive motion can lead to chronic injury due to overuse. Athletes of all types can benefit from Sports Medicine Compounding. Just as individual training programs are designed for different body types and different sports, medication for injury rehabilitation can be customized by the Compounding Pharmacist to speed healing time.

Custom topical creams or Transdermal gels can be prepared by the Compounding Pharmacist to treat the pain at its trigger point. We formulate highly effective topical transdermal gels to treat pain, inflammation, and nerve damage. Iontophoresis solutions and phonophoresis gels can optimize physical therapy if required.

Our compounding pharmacists have received advanced training in the preparation of customized dosage forms to meet each patient’s specific needs. We offer many unique options for pain management, regardless of pain origin and whether pain is acute or chronic. By working together with patient, physician, and other members of the health care team, we can individualize medications and make necessary adjustments to maximize pain relief.

Sports Trainers, Physicians and Compounding Pharmacists have a common goal: Healing the injured athlete.